Line and copyediting are often offered as two separate services and definitions of what each includes is frequently disputed. My own understanding of each is as follows and is based on several courses I have taken:

Line editing - When a line editor reviews a manuscript, she looks at word choice and consistency, as well as sentence structure. Additionally, she pays attention to the "voice" and makes sure the book is interesting and entertaining. She may revise content, but normally does not correct punctuation, spelling, or grammar. 

Copyediting - A copyeditor looks at every word, every sentence, and every paragraph. She corrects grammar and spelling errors, looks for inconsistencies, and makes sure the overall text is clear. 

Because I am very detail-oriented, I like to do both line and copyediting at the same time in a "heavy copyedit." I review every word and every sentence for clarity, word choice, grammar, and punctuation, and I make sure that the writing is clear and consistent overall. I watch for extra spaces and words that are run together, and always let my clients know if, as a reader, I find any of the text problematic. I will create a "style sheet," capturing terms, dates, punctuation, etc... that are commonly used to help maintain consistency throughout the manuscript or document. A style sheet helps me, but it also helps you as you go back over your work and might be useful to anyone else (for example, a final proofreader) to help them maintain consistency.

I use the Chicago Manual of Style and the Merriam-Webster Dictionary when I edit. If you have other stylistic needs, please be sure to let me know during our consultation. I have also worked in APA and AMA styles, as well as house style guides in several different industries.

No editor can guarantee a 100% error-free edit, but I will strive to make as near-perfect as possible. It is always wise to  have someone else do a proofread of the material once it's ready for publication, to correct formatting and catch anything that might have been missed on the initial edits. 

Pricing for editing services varies based on what kind of editing is done, the length of the project, and the deadline. For your reference, though, this is a link to the average rates put out by the Editorial Freelance Association.

All documents/manuscripts must be received in Word format and should be an attachment in your email. Please do NOT send a shareable document.

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